FS MFJ 962 Antenna Tuner

rayfri rayfri at HIGHSTREAM.NET
Sun Dec 17 11:26:19 EST 2006

Have an MFJ 962 antenna tuner FS.   This is the 1.5 KW model with the 
tapped inductor, not the roller coil.
Has one problem and that is the meter itself.  The meter movement 
appears to be open. I had considered using one of
my Heathkit remote sensor SWR/Wattmeter units with it, but decided the 
unit is really surplus to my needs.

Other than that it is in good shape.  I'd spray paint the cover though, 
just for cosmetic purposes.  It has some scrapes on it, but no gouges, 
and the scrapes are not objectionable unless you want your units to look 
tip top.

You could use an external wattmeter/SWR meter with it, or perhaps you 
could find a replacement meter.
The coil, caps and balun are in fine shape.   The 962 has a 200 and 2kw 
wattmeter scale, has a switch to choose between
2 coax fed antennas, bypass the two coax fed antenna, feed for a long 
wire, and feed for balanced ladder line. 

A pretty good unit overall from what others who have used it have told 
me.  Since almost all of my gear uses tubes with pi-network
output, I dont use an antenna tuner all that much.   To me it is like 
running two antenna matchers back to back....

Will let this go for 100 shipped because of the open meter....    I 
think that high power tuners like this normally go for much higher.
I've seen the comparable Heathkit antenna tuners go for 200 and up.

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