CW controversy... let's give it a break

Thu Dec 21 18:15:05 EST 2006

I've been sitting back and not saying anything.   I have to agree with 
Tom, NU4G. 
*BIGGEST PROBLEM HERE as I see it, is CHANGE with a CAPITAL C, as in 
CW.  Some adapt and some don't. Some spread negativism.*

1.  CW will not disappear.  It is too ingrained in our use of ham radio 
ALL OVER THE WORLD.  Too many people love it and  many people will still 
want to learn it..... just like before.

2.  Think about it. Do we take the test for all modes?  NO.  We don't 
take the test for Emergency Operations like RACES and ARES.  We don't 
have to pass efficiency tests on moon bounce, RTTY, PSK31, slow scan TV 
and images, etc.  So why do we have to take tests for CW?  Do we have to 
demonstrate that we can operate SSB efficiently?  I've heard some guys 
on DXpeditions on SSB that I wish they had taken some kind of a "driving 
test on ssb" before going to the DXpedition.

3.  CW was NEEDED before and during WWII.  Now days, we have graduated 
to higher forms of communications.
Before you say I'm an SSBer or CBer...  I've been a ham since 1954, (14 
years old) embracing CW right off.  I could do 35 WPM fairly soon after 
I got my Novice license.  I got W1AW certificate for 35WPM by the time I 
was 15 yrs old.  *I'm an avid CW dx hunter.*  Using SSB only when I need 
that contact/entity..... otherwise, CW is it.  I do not like ragchewing 
on SSB.  I am and love CW.

CHANGE..... sometimes it is better than it looks.  So let's wait to see 
what happens.  We have survived lots of change. Yep, we sure have, and 
will do so in the future.  One can BLAME anything on anything if they 
want to.... Let's just give it a CHANCE...(CHANGE spelled a little 

By the way,  we should support QST just as we should support our 
President of the US, no matter who they are or what party affiliation 
they belong to.  MAINLY BECAUSE _they are representing we the people.... and they NEED our 
support_.  *
Tell them your problems*, *tell them why you think they are wrong.*  
Don't just spread cancerous words about them..... stand up and tell 
them, the people you disagree with.... do it to them, not behind their 
backs.  If you don't like what they are doing, then run for their office 
and do it yourself.... otherwise, support them until you can vote them 
out.    You want CHANGE but do NOT like CHANGE.

CHANGE is inevitable. I love God,  my country and HAM RADIO.  They are 
all great.   Bob  PS don't tell my wife that I left her out.... HI.

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