CW controversy... let's give it a break

LM Picard lmpicard at ALLSTREAM.NET
Thu Dec 21 21:12:21 EST 2006

I agree that there has been far too much negativism and reluctance to 
recognize that some change can be positive. 

One change I do not wish to see is the loss of spectrum now assigned to 
the HAM bands. 
It is just a gut feeling but I think that phone modes are those that are 
most likely to spark people's interest in amateur radio and keep them 
engaged on the bands.  

I don't think that any kind of unattended or automatic operation is 
appropriate for the HAM bands.  If people need to access e-mail or surf 
the net from a sailboat, the frequency allocation should come from the 
utility bands, which I understand are becoming less used.   This type of 
operation is best accomplished with tamper proof, strictly regulated 
appliances, designed for appliance operators. 

W5EUQ wrote:
> I've been sitting back and not saying anything.   I have to agree with 
> Tom, NU4G. *BIGGEST PROBLEM HERE as I see it, is CHANGE with a CAPITAL 
> C, as in CW.  Some adapt and some don't. Some spread negativism.*

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