Transmitter, receiver, antenna tuner for trade

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Thu Dec 21 23:40:46 EST 2006

For trade:

Yaesu FRdx400 receiver.  Amateur bands only.  Covers
160 meters through 2 meters (has factory installed
converters for 6 and 2 meters that convert to 10
meters).  Tube type receiver except for the VHF
converters which are solid-state.  Works, sorta! 
Makes noise and I can get a signal through on 160
meters although the frequency reading is not correct. 
Physically in good condition.  Needs cleaning.

Yaesu FLdx400 transmitter.  Covers 80 through 10
meters SSB, CW, and AM.  Tube type.  Unit is complete
except that it is missing all of the knobs.  I have
never applied AC power so really don't know if it
works or not.  However, since the receiver has
problems I am dubious about the transmitter working! 
The transmitter is built to be able to transceive with
the FRdx400 receiver.  Physically in good condition. 
Could use some cleaning.

Will let these go only as a "set".

Of course these were "working" according to the
previous owner when I traded for them sight unseen!

Dentron 160-AT antenna tuner for 160 meters.  In very
good condition.  There are 6 taps on the tuning coil
that are switched for 160 meters.  Also, there are an
additional 6 positions on the switch that have nothing
attached.  It would be possible to remove the "stops"
on the rotary switch and run wires to the coil for
higher frequency bands.  This is an "L" tuned circuit.
 Has an SO-239 female UHF connector for the
transmitter and a ceramic stand-off plus ground
connection for the antenna.  Is made to work with
either single wire antennas or balanced line (i.e.
open wire) fed antennas.

Am looking primarily for "boat anchor" equipment (no
Swan) or transverters for the 222 MHz or 432 MHz bands
(prefer 28 MHz or 50 MHz i.f.).  Also am "open" to

I can E-Mail photos of any of these units.

Glen, K9STH


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