rayfri rayfri at HIGHSTREAM.NET
Sun Feb 5 19:32:15 EST 2006

with all due respect to your concerns about AM operation and 
restrictions.... which I share ....   Havent you learned
from past experience or observation that it really doesnt matter one 
hoot in hell what we say to either the ARRL or the FCC....
They both have their minds already made up.... the decisions have been 
made .... and they are both just going through the motions
and pretense of soliciting and accepting public comment.  They are 
required to solicit and accept comments ...  in the case of the
FCC, by law ... and in the case of the ARRL it's just a pretense ....  
but they have already decided what is going to be done.
Theyre just meeting the letter of the "law" ... legally and   but 
morally they dont care one whit about the spirit of the law...
which calls for seriously considering and taking into account the wishes 
of the majority....
That's why I never waste my time commenting to either of them.....
Ray  wa7itz

Brian Carling wrote:

>Guys please read this. My greatest concern with the absurd 
>ARRL Proposal RM-11306 is not just about the AM restrictions
>but ALSO about the annoying WINLINK PACTOR robot stations
>that are already devastating communications on the CW and 
>digital sub-bands, being allowed to then spread their trash all 
>over the phone bands too. I am not against digital on HF.
>This is a very important issue and one of ARRL's worst blunders
>in our lifetime. Please distribute this note widely:

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