Peter A Markavage pmarkavage at JUNO.COM
Mon Feb 6 02:05:20 EST 2006

May not be true. The ARRL hasn't been on the FCC's "I love you" list for
quite some time.
You have until 12 midnight today to make comments. Help shape the future
of the Amateur Radio Service. The comments don't have to be rocket
science stuff.
Go here:

Put in either RM-11305 or RM-11306 or both(one at a time), Fill in the
name and address stuff, go to the bottom and either send comments in or
type a comment in the space provided.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Sun, 5 Feb 2006 18:37:48 -0700 rayfri <rayfri at HIGHSTREAM.NET> writes:
> true..    But, in this case, the FCC is already considering bandwidth 
> regulations, so they are likely to go along with the ARRL
> which, by its own charter, should be more concerned about what the 
> members and hams in general think rather than what the
> "all seeing, all knowing fathers of ham radio" in Newington believe 
> is 
> in our best interest....
> I hate know it alls....  and the ARRL is one of the biggest bunch of 
> "know it alls" I have ever seen....   What they really are at
> the league is just a bunch of arrogant, egotistical guys whose 
> over-inflated sense of self usually ends up hurting ham radio.
> Take BPL for instance ...  systems are up and running that are 
> creating 
> all kinds of interference.  Yet the ARRL is content to simply stamp 
> their feet and whine and ask the FCC to follow the regulations and 
> ask 
> them to shut down their systems, as required by law.  The FCC has 
> yet to 
> order one single shutdown, yet instead of taking legal action 
> against 
> the FCC in court, as could be done, the ARRL's over inflated ego 
> believes that temper tantrums and foot stomping should be all they 
> need 
> to do to get their way.....  because, after all, they ARE the 
> League....
> Give me a break !!!   Hiram Percy would probably throw up his lunch 
> if 
> he were still around.....
> Ray  wa7itz
> Glen Zook wrote:
> >But, have you noticed that for some time the FCC
> >definitely does not "rubber stamp" what the ARRL
> >wants?
> >
> >Glen, K9STH
> >
> >
> >--- rayfri <rayfri at HIGHSTREAM.NET> wrote:
> >
> >Havent you learned from past experience or observation
> >that it really doesnt matter one hoot in hell what we
> >say to either the ARRL or the FCC.... They both have
> >their minds already made up.... the decisions have
> >been made .... and they are both just going through
> >the motions and pretense of soliciting and accepting
> >public comment.

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