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I am unaware of any time in modern history that the
"majority" of Hams have even been surveyed for their
opinions, no less that they have been given an opportunity
to cast a direct vote.

I am unaware that 50%+ Hams have ever expressed themselves
via E-mails/mail to the FCC on any issue.

The ARRL communicates with a tiny fraction of licensed
Amateur Radio operators.  No one else has meaningful
contact with the rest.

One would think that in these days where most Hams have
access to the Internet, close to 100% with Federal TIN
numbers, an overwhelming majority could easily be asked
to directly record their opinions.

It would indeed be interesting to put these questions
to *all* Hams and to hear their opinions.  For the moment
all we know is what special interest representations of
tiny sub populations claim about their fellow Hams.

> This is the same FCC that responded so lovingly and agreed with a 
> majority of hams who DIDNT want them  to do away
> with the code requirement???   And who paid so much attention way back 
> when incentive licensing was proposed?
> Just checking....
> Ray

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e

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