Three Questions

Alan W. Fremmer AWFremmer at AOL.COM
Fri Feb 10 12:42:04 EST 2006

Fellow Collectors/Restorers,
I'm confident that you guys and gals out there will have the answers  and so 
allow me to thank you all in advance.
#!1.  Until I can find a Globe modulator for my Globe Chief Deluxe,  would 
like to use an EICO 730.  The Globe manual shows pin outs for the  accessory 
socket but doesn't mention what the impedance match should be.   The Globe Chief 
has two 807's in the final.
#2.  On the subject of impendence, is there as easy way to determine  if a 
loud speaker is 4, 8 ,16, etc. ohms.  There is no label on the one I'm  
concerned about
#3  In the October 2005 "Electric Radio" magazine, there's an article  about 
modifications to the DX-60 which includes protecting the function  switch.  
The author uses insulated posts screwed onto the power transformer  as tie 
points.  Any idea where I might find those? 
Thanks again for your suggestions.
73, Alan - KB2HEI

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