rayfri rayfri at HIGHSTREAM.NET
Sun Feb 19 16:48:41 EST 2006

The other 550 thousand of us who didnt respond didnt do so because we 
realize that it doesnt really matter one hoot in
the hot place what we think.  The FCC makes up its mind what its going 
to do and makes its decision before it even asks for
public comment.  The only reason they go through the motions of asking 
for public comment is because they HAVE to accept public comment, but 
they dont have to go along with what the majority thinks...      It's 
merely going through the motions...
all those comments that are sent in or made ... they go in one ear and 
out the other of the commissioners, and the written ones
most likely end up in the trash basket.....      Maybe those that 
support their pre-made decision may be saved and the better ones used 
publicly to enable them to say there is support for their premade 

I think that belief is a fair deduction if you look at how many times in 
the past hams have voiced opposition to "proposed" (translation .. 
premade decisions) changes in ham regulations ... and how many times in 
the past support for changes have been sent in, and
the FCC has done exactly the opposite of what was requested...
To name a few: ... incentive licensing ....  realignment of some of our 
frequencies .... revoking some of our frequencies and giving them to 
other agencies ...  BPL ....   doing away with some classes of 
licenses...   the 10 meter amplifier ban ....  etc etc etc ad nauseum...

Dont fool yourselves guys....  The FCC is NOT a democratic or 
representative body ...  it is a "monarchy committee" ... made up of
a group of people who believe that all wisdom resides in their little 
heads and offices....  Those that deal specifically with amateur radio 
issues USUALLY dont even have a license themselves or havent been 
operating for years.  They most likely wouldnt know a key or a plate 
meter from the area of their rear end .  Yet they presume to know what 
is best for the amateur service.
Those commissioners in the past that HAVE had a license, or may have one 
now .... they way they act is similar to a praying mantis that turns on 
and eats its mate after the mating ritual...    of those species that 
eat their own young ... in my humble opinion.

THAT is why the 550 thousand of US dont respond to requests for public 
input.   Personally, I have better things to do with my time than to 
waste it sending in comments that will either be deleted from the 
electronic system or simply thrown in the garbage after valuable postage 
is spent to mail it in...


Peter A Markavage wrote:

>I wonder what the other 550,000 U. S. amateurs, who didn't respond, 
>think about it. As of 2/12/06, 658,883 U. S. amateurs. Using Paul's
>numbers (695 against) indicates approx. .1% of the entire amateur
>Pete, wa2cwa
>On Sun, 19 Feb 2006 07:54:22 -0500 Brian Carling <bcarling at CFL.RR.COM>

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