FS: National NC-45 Receiver, Test Equipment, and Stuff

David Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Fri Feb 24 10:44:02 EST 2006

Here are some items for sale.  Prices do not include shipping.  I will 
ship overseas.

“Rare” National Radio NC-45.............$175 plus shipping
This is an 8 tube receiver made from 1941-1945 covering 550 kHz to 30 
MHz. Most models made were made the NC-45 which is an ac/dc receiver. 
The NC-45A has a transformer operated power supply. This radio does work 
and receives signals on all bands but it really need to be recapped and 
aligned. Cosmetically OK but also needs to be cleaned up. It has all of 
the correct knobs and I do not find any extra holes.  The insides look 
OK but also need to be cleaned up. One interesting thing that I noticed 
is that the main tuning and bandspread knobs are both weighted, rather 
heavy and appear to have come from the factory that way. I do not have a 
manual but they are available from several sources on the web. I will 
include a schematic.

Sylvania Electric Type 134 Polymeter VTVM...$25 plus shipping
The unit is working but needs calibration on the resistance scales. It 
has the capability of measuring RF voltage. It does not include test 
leads or a manual. Manuals are available from a number of sources on the 

Jackson Model 640 Signal Generator....$50 plus shipping
I have two of these units. This is a well built, internally shielded 
signal generator that covers 100 kHz to 38 MHz in six bands. This unit 
will put out an internally modulated signal as well as a CW signal. It 
also has switchable output levels and adjustable output. I have the 
matching capacitance meter up for bid on another auction. This unit 
works well. I opened the unit up, de-oxed all of the switches and tested 
all tubes. The tubes all test very strong.

Allied Knight Meter - new in the box..............$18 plus shipping

Emico 0-30 mA Meter new in the box........$12
Used on some boatanchor transmitters

Emico 0-50 mA Meter new in the box........$12
Used on some boatanchor transmitters

Emico 0-100 mA Meter new in the box........$12
Used on some boatanchor transmitters

Realistic DX-440 AM FM Short Wave Portable Receiver...$90 plus shipping
A real nice DX-440 All Band Portable Receiver with the original box and 
the instruction manual. This is the same receiver as the Sangean 
ATS-803A. The receiver has been well cared for an is in excellent 
condition. This model has a BFO which will allow you to listen to single 
sideband and CW stations as well as AM short-wave. The radio works well. 
Includes a set of batteries.

73 and thanks for looking.

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