SSB ops clear down to 7000 kHz on 40m, Grrrr

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Fri Jan 20 11:35:15 EST 2006

I don't use an 80 Hz filter.  My 75S-3A has a 200 Hz
filter and one of my 75S-1 receivers has a 500 Hz
mechanical.  My Heath SB-301 has a 400 Hz filter and
my Heath Mohawk has a 500 Hz filter.  My Collins 75A2
and 75A3 have crystal filters than go down to well
under 500 Hz and my RME-6900 has a filter that also
goes well under 500 Hz.  My Hammarlund HQ-140X can go
pretty narrow as well as does my National NC-2-40DT.

Now I don't normally try copying CW through SSB using
my Hallicrafters S-19R, S-20R, S-85, or even SX-100
although it is possible using my cebreal filter.  The
same thing with my BC-348 or Heath HR-10.  My
Hallicrafters S-107 is even wider.  But, it is
possible to copy CW through SSB even with the wider
bandwidth receivers although it certainly is not as
comfortable to as when the narrow filters are used.

None of my receivers are newer than the early 1960s,
and several date from the late 1930s to 1950s.

I stand on my statement that it is definitely possible
to copy CW through an SSB signal.  The narrower the
filter the easier it is to do.  But, it is most
certainly possible even without a narrow filter.

No where did I say anything about purchasing newer
equipment or that only those who use "modern"
equipment should be allowed to operate.  I think that
you need to take a look at the K9STH website the URL
of which is listed at the end of this message.  The
shack photos are towards the bottom of the list of
links.  Then come back with your "modern" equipment

Glen, K9STH

--- van lincoln <vlincoln at EARTHLINK.NET> wrote:

two things working against your statement are:
1.  80 hz filter.  most old receivers drift just a
little <chuckle>, and a 80 hz passband cw tone is here
one second and gone the next.  how do you work this
out?  you don't except open up the passband and hear
all the noise and hope that the cw signal drift is
stable enough to stay in the larger passband. (did I
hear you say "buy a NEW receiver"? not an option for
many old timers.)
2.  to me you are saying " only us modern folks should
have rights ", and you old timers that like tube junk
that drifts should get real (read spend money for
state of the art ) and get rid of your antiques.

Glen, K9STH

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