SSB ops clear down to 7000 kHz on 40m, Grrrr

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Fri Jan 20 15:27:58 EST 2006


But I have had especially South American SSB stations
come up and start transmitting over an existing CW
QSO.  Frankly, many of those operators don't give a
"you know what" whether or not there is a CW QSO on
the frequency.  I believe that a fair number of those
operators don't know a "dit from a dah".

Under those circumstances I have no qualms about
continuing to operate on CW on the frequency.  As for
calling CQ when I am hearing an SSB station I don't do

Glen, K9STH

--- r391 <r391 at WORLDNET.ATT.NET> wrote:

"Been doing it for decades."
So Glen... just for clarifications sake... for decades
you've been deliberately qrm'ing ongoing ssb qso's....

Glen, K9STH

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