Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Fri Jan 20 21:57:43 EST 2006

I apoogize for responding on the list to the rude insults 
and  barbs from the two  individuals here. I will take any 
future activity to private e-mails.

I will not be responding any more to the taunts from Glen 
or his cheerleader.

Can we get back to the topic of Boatanchors now?

I just tested out a limping SX99 that now has a brighter 
future - no longer being stashed away inoperative in some 
basement probably. If I had time to restore it I would.
I 'd actually like to find a complete one. or a pair of the 
larger knobs and an s-meter if anyone has them.

73 to all - AF4K

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