Current flame war

Jim Simmons orion at DATASYNC.COM
Fri Jan 20 23:54:08 EST 2006

Come on guys, enough is enough.  I seem to remember that one item of the
original Amateur's Code was, "The Radio Amateur is a gentleman".  My two
<Shift/Delete> fingers are getting tired.  


May I suggest that those who favor assigning the ham band frequencies
according to bandwidth support the ARRL; and, those not in agreement with
this oppose the ARRL.  This is the democratic thing to do.  


At any rate contributing to a "flame war" has in some cases proven to be
physically detrimental to one's health (high blood pressure etc.).  If
someone does something on the air that I consider rude I have the option of
using one of two simple controls on my rig; one is called the frequency dial
and the other is called the power switch.  The pain and strain of doing
anything else just isn't worth the trouble of the knot in my gut that is
sure to follow.


Jim Simmons


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