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john johnmb at NC.RR.COM
Sun Jul 2 07:05:43 EDT 2006

Hilarious... he's going to take his ball and go home.

I'll bet you lunch it's all back by (popular demand of course)

John K5MO

At 02:54 AM 7/2/2006, J. Forster wrote:
>This came in tonight:
>Subject:         [Boatanchors] Please Be Advised, HCI Has Ended
>    Date:         Sun, 2 Jul 2006 00:03:23 -0400
>    From:         "Duane Fischer, W8DBF" <dfischer at usol.com>
>      To:         <boatanchors at mailman.qth.net>
>Effective as of Saturday July 1, 2006 "Hallicrafters Collectors
>International", AkA "HCI", has ended. This name and logo are the registered
>property of Duane Fischer, W8DBF and may not be used by any one or any group
>for any reason without getting written consent first.
>The Saturday Net will continue, "if" someone wishes to assume the NCS
>duties. There is an established frequency and time slot, but the Net name
>will need to change to something different. I will be present "when"
>possible, but "not" as NCS.
>The Wednesday evening Global Glow Roundtable has also ended. Those of us who
>met there, will continue to meet there, but not in a Net format.
>The Sunday Net will continue. However, the name is "Halligan's
>Hallicrafters" and the call sign for this Net will be "W9WZE". I will be the
>NCS for this Net. Times and frequencies remain the same.
>The HCI web site will end. At least by that name and link! If it can be
>preserved and revitalized, it will continue, but with a different name and
>url. I sincerely hope that the copyrighted material on this site does not
>end up stored in my file on the three backup DVD's. However, the legal team
>currently involved in sorting out some issues will make the call. But be
>assured, the information will survive and in all probability be reborn.
>It has been fantastic fun doing the Nets for the past 7+ years. I have met
>some incredible people and had some priceless experiences with some of you.
>I am grateful for having had the opportunity. I am not going away, unless my
>health forces me to, but do have some other radio projects that I need to
>devote my time to.
>Change can be good. Perhaps some of you will pick up the slack and we will
>all be better off for it.
>There will be more changes taking place this month, more about them when
>that time arrives. Nothing bad! Just different.
>I hope to hear you tomorrow, Sunday July 2, 2006 for the Halligan's
>Hallicrafters 20 meter Net using the call of William Halligan, Sr., W9WZE.
>The pre-Net is at 12:45 PM EST/EDT, (1645 UTC), the Net at 1:15 PM EST/EDT,
>(1715 UTC). The frequency will be 14.293 MHZ usb +/- for key clicks, mike
>splatter and as of late a lesson in Espanol! (chuckle) We hope to hear you
>Duane Fischer, W8DBF
>Rinkie & Ron Pollack wrote:
> > I am on the Hallicrafters reflector.  Duane is the moderator, and runs the
> > Sat 40M and Sun 20M nets, which I've checked into with my Halli gear on
> > occasion.  Each Sat and Sunday he posts a long "reminder" about the 
> net, but
> > I checked the archives, and there has been no reminder for about 6 weeks.
> > So, there may be a problem there.  Have heard some controversy about his
> > personality, but never regarding any ethical challenges.  Have never 
> had any
> > financial dealing with him, but he has been around the Halli collectors for
> > a long time, and I've never seen any question as to integrity.  Hope it
> > works out for you!
> >
> > Ron K2RP
> >
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