w5grg w5grg at COMFORTTEXAS.NET
Sun Jul 2 13:08:47 EDT 2006

Bob , et al.

Several years ago there was a blow up and the hallicrafters.org site 
taken down. The trade name is owned by a company who was called Advanced 
Electronics, or maybe Professional electronics. I guess they did not 
want to lose their right to the name, so supposedly it could not be used 
in the manner as before as a web site name.
  I am not sure what Duane is up to now  but I am sure it will be a good 
one- again. It is about that time of year.
If you check the archives of badham at yahoo.com you will find a write up 
of a computer deal Duane had with a ham a few years ago that supposedly 
went south. I don't think any conclusions should be drawn between that 
deal and any happening now, however.
Thanks, George W5GRG

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