[SixClub] Knight TR-106 - DSB Mod?

kd4e kd4e at VERIZON.NET
Sat Jul 8 05:15:07 EDT 2006

> Has anyone converted or read of a modification of
> a Knight TR-106 for DSB, preferably so it may be
> switched between AM & DSB?

Here is the tentative solution as my Elmer and I developed it.

1.  Replace the Crystal/VFO switch with a 4P4T Switch.

2.  The DSB position converts the single final tube to
     Class AB1 from Class C, removes power from the Osc./
     Tripler, lifts the connection between the Osc/Tripler
     and the Doubler, and links-in the outboard DSB Exciter.
     (One Crystal connector on the front panel will be the
      dedicated connector for the DSB Exciter, one will
      remain available for crystal use, the third will
      host a BFO switch.)

3.  The VFO position will continue to function as normal.

4.  A small BFO will be added for SSB/DSB/CW receive mode.

5.  The DSB Exciter may be built into a modified VFO or
     may be built from scratch from low voltage tubes,
     or may come from some other 8.3 - 9MHz source.

Changes to the TR-106 will all be reversible.

I am still looking for a Knight V-107 VFO and am willing
to swap my Gonset Communicator VFO (50-144-220).



Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e

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