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It is free but there is a storage and access limit.

Their paid service is pretty inexpensive and is well


> I "dumped" Comcast Cable Internet a couple of months
> ago and they finally realized that my websites were
> still "up and running".  The websites got "turned off"
> this afternoon.
> I don't want to use GeoCities which comes "with" the
> AT&T fiber Internet.  Of course GeoCities is free to
> anyone whether or not they are using AT&T Internet! 
> GeoCities is full of advertisements as well as being
> extremely slow at times.
> I am looking at several alternatives (all of which
> will require at least some monthly cost instead of
> being provided by my ISP).  Hopefully I will have the
> websites back up in a few days.  When I do I will let
> everyone know just what the new URL is.
> Probably will just have a single website with sections
> for K9STH, Z Communications, my personal site, and so
> forth.  That will be the cheapest.
> Since I am NOT a software "guru" I have to "fumble
> around" with getting the website "just right".  But,
> hopefully, it will come about very soon.
> Thus, the "olde tyme" QSL artwork as well as the 6146
> article, etc., are temporarily unavailable.
> Glen, K9STH


Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e

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