Knight TR 106 Power Plug wiring for 120VAC EXPLANATION

Sun Jul 9 13:33:00 EDT 2006

Just passing along info on Knight TR 106  power plug wiring:

After I drew my own diagram of the power plug in the radio, this is what 
I decided.    _*120Vac goes to Pins 4 low and Pin 3 hot side.  Pin 12 is 
ground or green wire on three wire plug.*_

Then I slowly brought the rig up and made measurements.  All looked 
great.  Found that all I needed was _*one more jumper between Pins 10   
(12VAC) and Pin 9 (Filament line).  *_Note that from ground, pin 10 AND 
pin 5 both have about 12VAC on them.  I only tried the  Pin 10 
arrangement.  I "assume" that the pin 5 is most likely useable for 
filament line  INSTEAD of Pin 10.  (center tap of this winding is 
grounded and Pin 5 and 10 are opposite ends of this winding.  Therefore, 
from ground to either pin 5 or 10 is approx. 12 VAC) 
*_Rig came up fine with 0 to 120VAC Varistat control.  Tubes lit up, 
measurements were looking good.  Put it on dummy load, of course no 
transmit power, don't have a crystal or vfo for it... but it receives 
great.  I transmitted on my Icom 756PII and the TR106 received fine for 

Hope this helps others.  
I have the  power wiring for 12 V DC operation but have not PROVEN them 
yet.  Will do so.  Anyone needing info contact me at W5EUQ at
 You might visit my website at

Bob Hardie, W5EUQ-  Tampa

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