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Ed Tanton n4xy at EARTHLINK.NET
Fri Jun 2 13:18:30 EDT 2006

I have taken a hit in my basement: a major drain pipe opened up and 
went undiscovered for at least a couple of weeks. This pipe carried 
the 'stuff' from our dishwasher and kitchen sink-including the 
garbage disposal. I am trying to figure out how to value some of the 
items damaged. My JRC NRD-515 & memory unit is totalled (based on the 
internal corrosion.) It was what I call near-Mint. Nothing visibly 
worn but I consider "Mint" to be as-New. It was close. Sources on the 
Internet show it at $800-$1000, so that one is not such a problem to 
define. Also, there's my Ten-Tec Argonaut II in excellent condition 
that took some internal damage that caused some minor internal 
corrosion, but I think is salvageable. Its hand-held mike isn't. 
Ten-Tec can probably set a price for that. Also, there were 4 keys on 
the table: a Schurr Portable Warbler smaller sized paddle; a Hi-Mound 
HK-802 straight key; a GHD GN-405 mech. paddle; and a GHD GN-205 
mech. bug. Marshall Emm at Morse Express 
<> can help me value those. And by the 
way, the Hi-Mound and the Schurr are brass. You can imagine what they 
look like. The 'stuff' that rained on this desk for weeks was 
corrosive enough that it managed to etch through the really heavy 
chrome plating GHD puts on their keys.

But then... there is:

1) My CE-200V that was in definitely excellent condition was sitting 
on the floor. It now has a very rusty cabinet bottom-with whatever 
the humid fumes might have done internally;
2) My Nye-Viking MB-V-A in near-Mint condition has taken some slight 
corrosion in one rear corner-I figure it will have to be 
disassembled, and cleaned where several frame members are joined. How 
do I price that?
3) My very nice (maybe excellent, maybe just REALLY better than 'very 
good') EICO 717 Keyer is a total. You'd have to see it. Looks like it 
was at ground-zero.
4) My B&W 380-B is probably a total. It is playing 2nd fiddle to other stuff.
5) My gorgeous Signalcrafters Model 30 Dual Wattmeter I've had since 
it was new is a total. How can I value this: I forget what it cost, 
but few wattmeters are comparable IMHO.

There's other stuff, but that's enough for now. There was literally 
1/4 inch of standing 'water' on the NRD-515 memory unit atop the 
receiver. Didn't save it. Flooded the floor (that's how the CE-200V 
took it's damage-but I don't think it was more than a VERY soaked 
carpet.) Any information-help will be greatly appreciated.

73  Ed Tanton N4XY <n4xy at>

Ed Tanton N4XY
189 Pioneer Trail
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