Astatic Microphone D-104 with T-UG8 Stand

Rev Fr Mark Gilstrap orthodoxhome at COX.NET
Fri Jun 2 19:09:36 EDT 2006

I recently bought a Shure microphone transformer - model A86A - with inputs
for either a 30-50 or 150-250 ohm mike and output to 100K or higher.   These
seem to show up regularly.  There's one listed now on E-bay starting at
$9.95.  If you're patient you can get one for less.  I paid $5.

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From: "Robert Moulton" <rmoulton at EMAIL.ARIZONA.EDU>
Sent: Friday, June 02, 2006 4:59 AM
Subject: Astatic Microphone D-104 with T-UG8 Stand

> I recently acquired the above microphone and hope to be able to use it
> as the base station mic for a Hallicrafters SR-46 6M transceiver.  This
> model was built in the 60's I believe and has a transistorized
> amplifier built into the base. Would this unit be acceptable as the
> high-Z requirement for an older tube rig like the SR-46? If not could
> it be modified w/o sacrificing the current circuit?
> Thanks
> Bob

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