Chuck McClurg j-mcclurg at SBCGLOBAL.NET
Sat Jun 3 22:36:53 EDT 2006

I am trying to get a Model TCZ Transmitter on the air and am looking for a couple of parts and some information.  The Radio is a ART-13 mounted on a metal cabinet containing the power supply.  It is a U.S. Navy setup and seems to have been controlled remotely.

I am looking for a Remote Control Unit Model COL-23410,  this consisted of a speaker, on/off switch and mode selector and a channel selector.  I also need the Knife Switch SA-46/ART-13 used to connect the shunt caps when needed.

As for information, the radio set was given to me a working on 110 V, which is nice BUT...................they forgot to say it was 110 V DC!!!  As the unit uses two motor generators to provide high and low voltages,  does anyone have a way to come up with about 35 amps of 110/120 VDC??


Chuck McClurg
Carson City, Nevada

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