Need some hints for removing stubborn knobs plus some ideas for relettering S-40B front panel

Garey Barrell k4oah at MINDSPRING.COM
Sat Jun 3 20:43:14 EDT 2006

Brian Carling wrote:
>> Another approach is the use of an "Easy-Out" used primarily by the 
>> automotive guys.  Essentially a hardened "left-hand" coarse threaded, 
>> tapered thingy that can be jammed into a hole drilled into a broken 
>> bolt.  They are available in smaller sizes and will often work on a 
>> rounded hex or Bristol screw.
> I am not too smart - how does that get a knob off a shaft?
Bry -

Not to get the knob off the shaft, he had a couple of rounded out hex 
setscrews to deal with too.

Knob stuck on the shaft AFTER you get the setscrew loose is usually the 
burr raised on the shaft by a too-tight setscrew.  Usually can get those 
off by twisting the knob against the shaft stop while pulling out. 

73, Garey - K4OAH

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