What Companion Receiver to CE 20A?

Bill Fuqua wlfuqu00 at UKY.EDU
Mon Jun 5 12:04:12 EDT 2006

It was a good match for the 75A series receivers but most people could not 
afford them.  I used a SX101A until I replaced it with a SB301. As far as 
amplifiers go I had used all sorts. Commercially the LA-400 was a good 
economical one. I first used a pair of Homebrew 6146B's and then added a 
G-G pair of 813's and changed to a pair of G-G 250th. Yep,  250th works in 
grounded grid with a bit of grid bias. Last big amp was a 4-1000A. I then 
dropped back down to a pair of 4CX250B's and got rid of the 2x 6146B driver.
     I personally think a good match would be a drake 2A even though I did 
not have one back then. It  would look nice next to the VFO and is a good 
SSB receiver.

    OH, I forgot my amplifier made with 4x  6AG7's in G-G with 1200 volts 
plate voltage pressed into a big aluminum heat sink. All, I have left is my 
homemade heat sink. Need to try that one again. Worked a lot of DX with 
that strange amplifier. Had to condition the tubes by bringing the plate 
voltage up a little at a time and letting them arc and then start the cycle 
over again until getting to the full plate voltage value.  Used a big TV 
plate supply transformer with a voltage doubler.

Bill wa4lav

At 11:13 AM 6/5/2006 -0500, doc wrote:
>Anyone recall what tended to be used as companion
>receivers with the Central Electronics CE-20A?
>I have the CE-20A transmitter and the BC-458
>conversion vfo.
>Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e  http://bibleseven.com
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