Yaesu FRdx400 receiver / FLdx400 transmitter for sale or trade

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Thu Jun 8 17:57:02 EDT 2006

I have an FRdx400 receiver and FLdx400 transmitter
that are "project" radios (both are basically tube
type circuits).  The receiver covers 160 meters
through 2 meters but not the WARC bands.  The
transmitter covers 80 through 10 meters and has 3
positions for auxillary bands that could be used for
the WARC bands.

The receiver is complete including the 6 and 2 meter
converters.  One corner of one of the converters is
cracked but can be repaired with some solder and
epoxy.  The receiver "sorta works".  That is, I can
get a signal through on a couple of bands but the
frequency isn't correct.

The transmitter is complete except that it is missing
all of the knobs.  The "lever" types are there but the
"round" types are missing.  I have never even applied
120 VAC to the transmitter so I can honestly say that
I have no idea as to how it works.  But, it is
complete and there is no "smell" of burnt resistors,
overheated transformers, etc.

I was traded these several years ago and I had the
intention of restoring them.  However, I haven't ever
had the inclination to restore them and they are just
taking up space in a spare bedroom and my wife wants
the room back to use as a guest room!

Both look pretty good.  I can E-Mail photos to anyone
who is interested.

If sold $225 plus shipping from 75080.  But, am open
for trades especially for boat anchor equipment or ??

Glen, K9STH

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