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Sat Jun 10 11:26:52 EDT 2006

Re: OSO New Member Michaelsformula is the Guy that ripped me off on Ebay!! 

I am a Ham radio operator and am posting this reply as I have come to 
understand that Michael also was scamming boating enthusiasts. I have received a 
phone call from an Inspector Lambert from The US Postal Inspectors requesting 
anyone who sent a Postal Money order to Michael McLaughlin at anytime in the past 
and DID NOT receive the item, who did, to contact him immediately. He can be 
reached at (203) 294-6776 or email: tlambert at It appears that the U.S. 
Attorney has finally decided to take an interest as Michael has finally gone 
over the $$ threshold amount for prosecution. Between this and the pending 
state charges, Michael should be behind bars for a long time to come! For those 
of you who may not be aware, here is a link to an article in The New Haven 
Register from a few months ago about his arrest for stolen boat electronics.

Cliff Crane - W4NJ

Michael McLaughlin is now selling AGAIN on eBay after having been shut down 
three times in the past month using three phony user IDs and just last this 
week, a stolen credit card to create a phony eBay used ID from a poor guy in 
Kenosha, WI. His new eBay user ID is 217stufforsale using his girlfriends name and 
address, 71 Hidden Lane Guilford, CT, email addres, lover86 at, and 
credit card info to create the account. eBay will eventually shut it down but 
its him using the same old MO. Build up a good feedback rating to lull 
everyone into a false sense of security and BAM!! scam as many as he can till eBay 
shuts him down and he disappears. Dont be taken in guys!! BEWARE guys!!
Cliff - W4NJ

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