Fw: Re: [BOATANCHORS-TEMPE] The Unbuilt HW-101

Kees Talen windy10605 at JUNO.COM
Sun Jun 11 21:24:57 EDT 2006

Relative to --HEATHKITS--, many of which never worked right in the first
place or couldn't have worked based on my personal experiences due to
sloppy construction or misplaced parts, and are not "rare" one of a kind
pieces of history, there are several categories :

A few people who have unbuilt kits to sell for $2400 .....great !
A very few people who will buy unbuilt kits for $2400 .....great !
Many people who have built units and use them .....great !
Many people who have non working units and are fixing them .....great !
A number of people who sell working/nonworking units on ebay/reflectors
....great !
A number of people who buy working/nonworking units on ebay/reflectors
....great !
A few people who part them out, using some parts, selling some parts
.....great !
A few people collecting them as "investments" .....huh ? ......well OK,
great !

73 Kees K5BCQ

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