hammarlund radio

don taylor c696 at EARTHLINK.NET
Wed Jun 21 09:02:31 EDT 2006

I am trying to identify a Hammarlund radio. The chassis looks like the Comet
Pro variation 3 but it does not have the two knobs on either side of the
main tuninbg knob. When the top cover is lifted, there is a horizontal
bakelite panel very close to the front panel above the main ganged turning
condenser. There are 4 knobs on this panel mounted on the shafts of 4 small
variable capacitors under this panel. The 4 knobs have pointers attached and
there are scales engraved on the bakelight panel. Another difference from
the pictures I have of the Comet variations is a relay installed on the top
of the chassis near the power supply capacitors on the left. The cabinet is
metal with black crackle finish. If it will help, I can email pictures


Donald L. Taylor
5550, Route 880
Dobson's Corner, New Brunswick
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