Walter Ashe QSL Cards

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jun 21 16:48:42 EDT 2006

Several people thought that I had the old Walter Ashe
QSL cards reproduced.  So, I have done a Walter Ashe
"style" card.  Unfortunately, there were no cards in
my collection that could be scanned directly because
of all of the handwritten information on them. 
Therefore, I have done a "master" in the style of the
old Walter Ashe cards.  They are definitely not
"perfect", but you can make your own cards that will
look "pretty close" to the originals.

There will be two files:  The first is the card master
and the second is a Microsoft Word file telling you
the font styles, the size, and the "formula" for the
orange color that the information needs to be printed
in so that the colors match.

Please notice that the name and address (less the city
and state which is at the top of the card) are in a
much smaller font than the rest of the printing.  This
IS the way that it was done on EVERY original Walter
Ashe card in my collection.

The QSO information was printed in both black ink and
dark blue ink on those cards that I have.  However,
the majority used blue ink so that is what I have used
in the reproduction.

If you want the files please E-Mail me DIRECTLY (NOT
to the reflector or even copying the reflector because
I just do a reply and send the information and do NOT
want the files to even attempt to go to the
reflector).  Make sure and use the same subject as is
on this message.

READ the Word file before trying to do anything with
the master.  Also, don't ask me about how to make your
graphics program match the orange color.  EVERYTHING
that I know about how to match the color is in the
text file.

I am taking time to do this because I had eye surgery
yesterday and can't work on any equipment, etc., for a
couple of days.

Glen, K9STH

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