best tube rig

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Mon Mar 6 22:00:06 EST 2006

No, the 2020 was pretty horrible. The dial and VFO and digital readout were all 
prone to drift and failure and felt horrible
compared to that VFO in the Temp One which is pretty much identical to the one in 
the FT101B thru FT101E rigs.

It is hard to give away a Tempo 2020 at most hamfests and 
I think people who buy them generally regret it.

My old Tempo One up in Maryland to an indoor 40m laundry 
chute vertical - I can HONESTLY say that it is the only HF rig 
that I have ever used to call out the local fire department at 
11:30 p.m. You see, I was working someone on 20m CW and 
the mismatched antenna caused some kind of bleed-thru
into the next-door neighbor's smoke alarm. Now I DID stop
sending when I heard the thing trigger ( we were in a townhouse 
at the time)... it wasn't 5 minitutes before that doggone huge ladder
truck came whining down the street and lit everything up like 
daylight. I just turned the lioghs off and went to bed. It was 
scary though - they just couldn't find that fire.... I stuck to 40m after that!

On 7 Mar 2006 at 0:53, John Geiger wrote:

> Our radio club in Junior High (WB0MMV), which is where I got my start in
> ham
> radio, replaced a Heathkit HW16 with a Tempo One (black face).  I was
> pretty
> underwhelmed with the Tempo.  Now the 2020 was supposed to be a great
> rig,
> but I don't think yaesu made that.  I am still going with the FT902DM or
> FT102 as the best Yaesu tube rig.
> 73s John NE0P

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