HT37 and NC270 for sale

Joseph Trombino Jr w2kj at BELLSOUTH.NET
Mon Mar 6 16:18:05 EST 2006

Gotta lighten up with all the boat anchor gear around here so am considering 
selling my refurbished HT37 transmitter and NC270 receiver.

The HT37 has had all the electroylitic caps replaced along with all of the 
Black Beauty caps.

New Webber copper-top solid state rectifiers are installed vice the 
rectifier tubes.

The PTT mod has been done.

Weak/bad tubes have been replaced and I get great audio reports from the 

Rig has been peaked up for max output and the VFO has been adjusted for 
proper dial calibration.

The NC270 is a real clean radio with an excellent front panel and cabinet.

Only mod to the NC270 is the addition of a speaker on the inside left of the 
radio.  Not a bad mod considering the radio required an optional speaker.

If anyone is interested please contact me via email and I will consider 
toting the stuff to the Charlotte, NC hamfest coming up this weekend or can 
meet with a reasonable distance from Wilmington, NC.

                                                73, Joe W2KJ 

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