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Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Thu Mar 16 16:48:38 EST 2006

This will be my last post on the subject:

All that I did was to find what has now been
identified as the archived information while
reconstructing my bookmarks which had been "wiped out"
by the installation of the "new" Netscape 8.1
(replacing my Netscape 8.0).  I posted this
information on several reflectors because over time a
number of people had indicated that they "missed" the
U.K. website.

I got the link from a website the URL of which has
been posted on several of the reflectors in the past
few days.  Since the link worked (it still works, I
checked it just a few minutes ago) and when I
"clicked" on a couple of the links on the website they
worked as well.  Therefore, I decided to let everyone
know that the information was again available.

I did not notice that the information was archived. 
Actually, I did not spend that much time on the
website because I was in a hurry to reconstruct as
much of my bookmarks as I could.  However, the link
definitely is active.

Now, I have been called all sorts of names including
"idiot" because I posted the information which I
believe that the majority of those who frequent the
reflector did not have available.

I just cannot believe that a number of people could
get so upset because of what I consider to be useful
information was posted.  Whether or not the site is
"active" in the sense that additional information can
be added is immaterial to the wealth of information
that is present on the site (archived or not).

Again, the URL of the site is


That URL does work and the information on the site is

Frankly, I do my best to help out on the reflectors
and when several people get really hostile over
whether or not a website is "active" or not even
though the information is available that does tend to
"tick me off"!

Glen, K9STH

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