More on disposition of radio collections - reflections from a semi-old collector

Bob And Bettina Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Wed Mar 29 13:23:23 EST 2006

I've been following the recent thread on Boat Anchors regarding large 
collections of ham radio equipment and the (eventual) problem of 
disposing of them after the collector's eventual (and inevitable, I 
might add) demise and exit from this world.

I, too, have accumulated my share of old radio's - both amateur radio 
types and broadcast types. When I was younger, I frankly did not give 
much thought to what a burden these might be to my family when I pass 
away. But now I am older (just retired and a 'youngish' 65) and I have 
certainly given the problem much more thought. Additionally I have 
helped other's dispose of their collections and have, in some cases, 
purchased collections of equipment for my own collection. Anyways here 
are some serious thoughts for those of us who love our radio's.

1.   Make a list of your radio's and keep it up to date. Include an 
estimate of condition and what you would guesstimate the 'street value' 
is. Make sure your wife and family know where this list is.

2.   Make a list of people and organizations your wife and family can 
turn to for help when the time comes to dispose of your equipment. In my 
case, this includes a few local hams and the antique radio club that I 
belong to.

3.   Keep your collection honed down!  Purge it on a regular basis. EBAY 
and these lists are a great way to keep the surplus down I'm still 
working on that part of it and, more or less constantly, I go though my 
'stuff' (not just ham or radio gear either) and get it gone!

4.   Buy with discrimination! It is easy to become a hoarder! I am 
trying to be more discriminating now - in fact, I skipped the last 
couple of hamfests. I only buy what really appeals to me and only at a 
good 'value point'. I have plenty and plenty of radio's to work on. I do 
enjoy the hunt for new and interesting radios (building an HBR is still 
a dream) but I am more discriminating that before. Plus I try to sell 
some for every one I buy (kind of spread the joy).

So it is serious - this 'obsession' that we have. It does behove us to 
try to keep it in check and try to make things easier for your spouse 
and your family when the big cleanup is needed. With any luck, I'll sell 
my last radio just before you pass on and that will be one less burden 
for my wife to cope with. Meanwhile I intent to have some fun with my 
collection. But remember - the emphasis should be on the fun (and in 
preserving old radios!).

73 de WA2CKY
Bob Groh

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