John Bauer W4AWM at AOL.COM
Sun May 14 01:46:32 EDT 2006

Restorable SX-101. Not tested. Front panel in good shape, all knobs original, 
but main tuning knob is chipped. Inner and outer glass in good shape. Dial 
cord broken and pointer is not visible but may have dropped down inside dial 
shield. Cabinet has a few scratches, but nothing deep and no dings. Ring around 
front panel could use refinishing. Inside chassis is dusty, but nothing that be 
cleaned up. Crystal calibrator with crystal installed. $150.00. Will deliver 
free to Dayton but will not bring it unless I have a firm commitment.

Total basket case black dial SX-71.  Not tested.  Lots or rust everywhere, 
but a wealth of parts including S-Meter. As far as I can tell, everything is 
there except the band switch knob. Someone with lots of time on their hands could 
possibly restore this one, but it is a fantastic parts doner otherwise. 
$75.00. Will deliver free to Dayton but will not bring unless I have a firm 

National SIXTY Special. This is the black and gray case model. Works but 
could use alignment. Original manual. Chassis looks nice, cabinet has the usual 
scratches, front panel good.  $75.00  Will deliver free to Dayton

2 Drake 2B cabinets. Need paint.  $25.00 each. Can deliver to Dayton.

All items as is and subject to prior sale unless I have a firm commitment.

Please reply direct:    w4awm at aol.com


John,  W4AWM

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