Collins 75A1 For Sale - Nice restoration base

Bob And Bettina Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Thu May 18 11:39:32 EDT 2006

Reluctantly I am considering reducing the number of my projects and will 
be considering selling my 75A-1 Serial number is 1795.

I did pull the radio out of the bookcase and take some pictures and I 
loaded them into my Yahoo photo album (hopefully the link will survive):

Picture link:

It is actually in better shape than I remember. The dial (as mentioned) 
did get water on it and the lettering on the dial has 'dripped' (I am 
buying a replacement dial overlay as we speak). The dial string has also 
broken and it will need to be restrung. All knobs seem to be there as do 
all the tubes, etc. All the controls are free and rotate/switch as 
expected. The wiring, etc look to be in very nice shape. Wiring around 
the bandswitch and the bandswitch wafers look very, very good.

The chassis seems to be in excellent shape - nice and bright. It is
obviously missing a cover plate on the RF section on the top and a cover
plate on the bottom. Don't think I ever had those. I did find one extra
hole in the chassis - a 1/4" hole (nice and clean) just above the
antenna plate on the rear of the chassis.

It does have a cabinet which is in nice shape - no rust, no
extra holes, good paint except on the top which is dirty and has a few
white splotches on it (house paint???).

I did turn it on when I first got it some 15 (?) years ago and it worked 
and received some signals on 80M although it obviously needed work (e.g. 
the pegged S-meter). Today I definitely would do a complete recap on 
it(power electrolytics for sure). I don't see any signs of anyone having 
worked on it (e.g no butchered wiring, etc) other than the hole 
mentioned before.

On pricing, I am developing an idea of a price point for me (about $500)
but am open to offers up or down. I do not want to ship this unless 
absolutely necessary so pickup here in the Kansas City area would be 
greatly preferred. One of the guys who is interested commented that the 
radio looks to be a very restorable example and that he was jealous! He 
had just completed restoring what he referred to a junker and commented 
that the restoration would have been a lot easier if he had started from 
a better base point.

So that's the story to this point. Please feel free to email if you have
any other questions.

73 de WA2CKY
Bob Groh
420 NE Sunview Circle
Blue Springs, MO 64014
Just 20 miles east of Kansas City, MO on I-70

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