Ed Tanton n4xy at EARTHLINK.NET
Sat May 27 14:24:39 EDT 2006

I'm sorry Bob... I just couldn't disagree with you more. I have never 
once been on CB. I'm certain I never will. For MOST CBs I could care 
less... but THIS CB means something historically-even to me. It would 
be a shame to change it in any way.

At 08:37 PM 2006-05-26, Bob Peters wrote:
>         Ok guys get ready to say crazy but I just purchased a Johnson
>Whiteface that is NOS Brand new in the box. It actually is in the
>Johnson Box along with all original paperwork including the how to get a
>license, and we gripe about Vanity Pay Licensee. Back in 1964 it cost
>$8.00 to get a class D call sign. It even has the stick on Call Sign
>plate. The mike is still wrapped in plastic.  Now what am I going to do
>with it...CB  Nooo can not bring myself to put an antenna on it and pick
>up the mike !!!  CONVERT it to 10 meters... YEP will do and need some
>help...Xtals no problem from Peterson.. Any one out there that has the
>conversion for it???  HELP PLEASE...Also what are the best AM Fqs to put
>it on 10 meters??? Are there any mods that any of ya all remember???

Ed Tanton


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