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doc kd4e at VERIZON.NET
Sat May 27 18:18:51 EDT 2006

 > Will McCafferty wrote:
>  VG condition, unmodified.  Same condition it was when my grandfather 
> bought it as surplus.
>  Missing the dynamotor, crystals, and the left front cover.  All tubes 
> are there.
>  Pics available on request.
>  Make me a realistic offer, and I'll ship it UPS.
>  Actual shipping costs.  I'm not a rube when it comes to that.




is an FM- transmitter, used in tanks during WW 2. It uses 10 fixed 
frequencies out of 80 possible. In a drawer in the radio you find the 80 
correspondent crystals. 10 of these are inserted in a special closed 
space, where two big resistors keep a temperature of about
33 degrees C.

It is part of "Radio set SCR-508" or "Radio set SCR-528".

By using the intercon amplifier BC-605, the radio sets could be operated 
by any member of the crew.

(BC-684 has the same housing, but uses 27-38.9 MHz)

Frequency range:
     20 ... 28 MHz

Technical data:

Channel spacing:
     100 kHz
Powered by:
     12 oder 24 V, due to changeable dynamotors.
Power consumption:
     12V: 20A; 24V: 12A
HF output:
     20 W
     30 kgs

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