White Face Johnson

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sat May 27 18:25:21 EDT 2006

Richard, Mike, Pete etc.

Thinks... "I'll tell 'em where to put their Johnsons!" - LOL

Mike wrote...

> I still, however, think it would be fun to put one on 15 meters since that
> band will wake up before 10. As someone indicated, that would take a bit
> more work, but probably not as much as putting one on 160.

Speaking of multi-band AM rigs... one of the popular schemes 
in the  early 1960s in the UK was to homebrew an AM transmitter 
for both 160m and 2m AM!!  Or sometimes they were for 160m
AM and 4m AM (70 MHz band) - not that we have 4m in the 
USA, but it is kind of equivalent to 6m, I suppose.

Those rigs would leverly use a single local oscillator with 
the appropriate mutipliers and mixers and voila - two band rig 
for  160m and VHF in one box!

160m AM was THE local band/mode for there in the 1960s,
before 2m AM caught on, and LONG before 2m FM kicked in.

THOSE were the days! 10 watts were all anyone needed for 
either band!

For those who love the old rigs and remember the old days 
fondly, WE will hang on to and cherish our older rigs.... but,

For those who hate nostalgia, and have only miserable
memories of the past - sure - go ahead and put your old 
WhIteface Johnsons in the trash! 

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