Help ID'ing Homebrew Amp.

Dennis Wade sacramento.cyclist at GMAIL.COM
Sat May 27 21:54:56 EDT 2006

Please excuse me...somehow this got sent before I was continue...

On 5/27/06, Dennis Wade <sacramento.cyclist at> wrote:
> Good Evening,
>        At a recent hamfest, I found what appears to be a homebrew RF
> power amp.  There is a choke input power supply, and by the ratings
> I'm expecting about 1.5 KV at around 300-400 ma.  There is a tank
> assembly, and a plate choke on the top of the chassis that is pi
> wound, appears commercial.  The power supply uses 2 816's.  The final
> tubes, are..of course missing.

         There are 4 positions for the final tubes.  The input comes
from the UHF coax connector and goes right to each of the 4 sockets
with an RFC to ground.  No filament choke, no input tuning of any

         There are 3 pins of each socket tied together and grounded on
each socket.  Filiment power appears to be 12.6 volts fed directly
from a transformer in the power supply end of the chassis.  A cathode
driven amp?

         Power output is taken from topside plate network and fed back
under the chassis and a loading cap to another SO-239 (can this
arrangement be stable..output and input both under chassis?).

         I can take pics of whatever someone wants to see if it would
help.  Any thoughts?



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