Johnson Whiteface

Neil McKie n.mckie at BENDCABLE.COM
Sat May 27 21:53:19 EDT 2006

  Just like some of you who have never used a Motorola Motrac
 Model T73MHT3190A ... is a 110 watt output FM 2-way radio ...
  Works best on the 2 meter band ... during the evening rush hour. 
  Neil McKie - WA6KLA 
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Subject: RE: [BOATANCHORS-TEMPE] Johnson Whiteface
Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 18:31:33 -0400

>Jim Wilhite says:
>> I suppose there is a type of magic using a converted CB, but I
>> probably find a Ranger, AF-67 or such to use.  It does have a bit
>> power 
>> but that is a bit of a plus with the propagation of today.  One can
>> move to 15 meters with them which the CB would not do without
>> modifications.
>One man's "magic rig" is another man's dumpster destiny,
>and another guy's dumpster-diving treasure!
>Beauty is often in the eye of the beholder. Those who have 
>never run a converted Johnson whiteface or chromefaced
>rig on 10m AM will never know how much fun they are 
>It is kind of like those who vehemently claim that 
>"Ice cream is no good!" - while having never tasted 
>any themselves - LOL!
>So what if you can only use one at a time?  I don't think 
>that has ANYTHING to do with preserving nice old 
>transceivers like those!
>"May all of your Johnsons be white-faced!"
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