SB-303 Final parting out

Bob and Bettina Groh rgroh at SWBELL.NET
Tue Nov 28 19:01:24 EST 2006

Well, the old girl has been stripped down and pretty much re-distributed around 
the country - thanks to everyone who requested parts and pieces.

The following is what is left - with prices listed. Shipping costs are indicated.

Chassis and case - $15 for both  < $15 UPS Ground, $20 USPS Priority Mail>
what is left after all boards, LMO, power transformer, front and rear panels and 
AGC switch were removed. Includes antenna tuning cap, pots, power receptical, 
power breaker, chassis, main harness, etc. Case is unmodified and straight but 
paint is dull, chipped and scratched (needs to be repainted).

PC Board assemblies - $10 for the lot, < $9 shipping cost>
Condition of each is generally good except as noted. IMPORTANT: please note that 
I have kept the (hetrodyne, BFO and calibrator) crystals for use on other rigs.
Mixer (85-351-2)
Crystal (85-348-1) without crystals!
Hetrodyne Oscillator (85-347-1)
Antenna (85-345-1)
PS/BFO (85-354-1)with crystals!
Also includes the IF/Audio (85-353-7) board but this one has problems with 
traces lifted and evidence of an overheated board in the vicinity of the audio 

That should do it. Thanks for looking.

73 de WA2CKY
Bob Groh
420 NE Sunview Circle
Blue Springs, MO 64014-2045
(H) 816-228-6402

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