HBR parts, unbuilt kits

Lewis c Emerson lemerson at JUNO.COM
Sun Oct 1 22:18:38 EDT 2006

Guys and gals,

I've posted here before about my aborted plans to build Ted Crosby's HBR
receiver, but have just not followed through.  I've been sorting through
many boxes and am still finding things.  Now, it's pretty dern certain
that I'll never get around to building it - although I'd still dearly
like to (the XYL would have a fit).  Building stuff, and then getting it
to work was a big time passion for me for many years.  (I'm a retired
research physicist)

Here's the problem - while I did collect parts for the HBR, and have most
of them still, I've somehow or other misplaced the schematic and the
associated parts list, so I don't know what I may be missing.  I can't
put up the list on e-Bay or anywhere else until I can give a complete
listing of what I have that's needed to build the HBR.  I, unfortunately,
sold off about 200 vacuum tubes, but may still have a few that are needed
for there HBR, but need to see the parts list.  The tubes should be still
available from a reseller (mine went to Radio Daze - he advertises in
QST)  I'm most sorry that I let these go, but may still have a few among
the 100 or so that are still here.  I think I have most of the rest of
the parts, i.e. the Eddystone 898 dial, all the J.W. Miller coils, the
clear  Amphenol coil forms (even the winding wire), the Hammerlund air
padder capacitors, the parts for the power supply - power Xformer,
chokes, etc.  While I probably have the electrolitics it might be best to
use new ones - mine are 20/30 years old.  I've got tons of resistors and
caps, but have not sorted them.

Can someone of you helpful folks point me to a website that has the
schematic/parts list?  And also where I should post my list.  At one time
there was a website devoted to HBR stuff.

Finally, is there a place where I can advertise unbuilt kits?  I still
have a few.

73 - Doc, W4ITJ

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