For Sale: Johnson, Lafayette, National, Ten Tec, and Test Equipment

David Hollander n7rk at COX.NET
Mon Oct 16 13:10:27 EDT 2006

Here are some items for sale.  Prices do not include shipping.  I will 
ship overseas.

E.F. Johnson White Face Viking Messenger 
Transceiver......................$30 plus shipping
This has a nice front panel with the correct knobs and no extra holes. 
The outer case does have a number of extra holes in it. Includes the 
original EF Johnson microphone and both ac and dc cables/connectors. The 
connecting cables are rotted and will need to be replaced before power 
can be applied. The microphone is not connected. Restore this or convert 
it to 10 meters. This appears complete but it’s untested.

Lafayette LA-218 Mono Audio Tube Amplifier..........$80 plus shipping
The LA-218 is a single channel amplifier with the following tube 
compliment, 12AX7, 12AU7, 6CA4 and a pair of EL84 6BQ5's. The rear of 
the amplifier is fitted for 16 and 8 ohm speaker outputs plus jacks for 
tuner, tape and phono input. The amp looks very good. The amp has been 
tested with a vintage Bell tuner into a a vintage 10 inch Jensen 
Speaker. I listened to this combo for several hours and the sound is 

Ten-Tec Power Mite PM3 and Matching AC Supply........$150 plus shipping
TenTec Power Mite and Matching AC Supply with instructions and original 
box. This is a late 1960's - early 1970's 2 band QRP transceiver that 
covers 40 and 20 meters, CW only. Output power was measured at a couple 
of watts. The radio works and is in pretty nice shape with a few small 

Superior Instruments Model TV-50A RF Signal Generator and Audio 
Oscillator.....$40 plus shipping
This is a combination RF signal generator, audio frequency generator in 
addition to providing several other functions. The frequency coverage is 
100 kHz to 60 MHz in six bands. The unit is in excellent condition both 
inside and out and works great. Includes the test lead.
Rare” National Radio NC-45.............$125 plus shipping
This is an 8 tube receiver made from 1941-1945 covering 550 kHz to 30 
MHz. Most models made were made the NC-45 which is an ac/dc receiver. 
The NC-45A has a transformer operated power supply. This radio does work 
and receives signals on all bands but it really need to be recapped and 
aligned. Cosmetically OK but also needs to be cleaned up. It has all of 
the correct knobs and I do not find any extra holes.  The insides look 
OK but also need to be cleaned up. One interesting thing that I noticed 
is that the main tuning and bandspread knobs are both weighted, rather 
heavy and appear to have come from the factory that way. I do not have a 
manual but they are available from several sources on the web. I will 
include a schematic.

Motorola 51X19 Wooden Table Radio - Brown Plaskon Grill........$100 plus 
This is a 5 tube radio from 1942. I have replaced the electrolytics and 
most of the paper capacitors and the set plays well. Cosmetically it is 
in in nice shape although their is a small chip out of the top near the 
edge which can be seen in the photo and the plaskon grill has been 
carefully glued where it had cracked.

Zenith Y724 AM-FM Radio -1950's.......$75 plus shipping
Early 1950's, ivory colored radio. This radio works well and is in 
excellent condition. It requires an external antenna for FM.

Steel Project Enclosure for Transmitter or Receiver....$15 plus shipping
A steel box which would make a nice enclosure for a hombrew receiver, 
transmitter or antenna coupler. The dimensions are 15 inches wide by 9 
inches high by 11.5 inches deep. Their are no dents or dings, it just 
needs a cleaning.

Systron Donner Digital Multimeter Model 7241A (DVM)....$20 plus shipping
This unit will measures ac and dc voltage, dc and ac current and 
resistance up to 20 Mohms. This is in nice shape and is working. I 
checked it with a dc power supply and a resistance decade box and the 
readings look good. It also has a tilt up stand. Uses a standard 
computer type power cord which is included.

General Electric YGA-4 Audio Oscillator.........$20 plus shipping
This has been tested and is a working unit.

73 and thanks for looking.
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