SWR Bridges / Wattmeter FS

Sat Oct 21 08:36:45 EDT 2006

SWR Bridges / Wattmeter For Sale:

Dual meter SWR Bridge:
This unit has two meters on it.  The meter on the left
reads forward power and the meter on the right reads
reflected power.  It is in a heavy metal enclosure with
an SO-239 connector coming out each end.  Although 
it is primarily an HF SWR meter, it will also work on 6 
and 2 meters, with reduced accuracy. It works fine and 
looks like it just came out of the box.  $ 20

Vintage SWR meter
E. F. Johnson Model 250-849 "Antenna Meter"
Even though it says "Antenna Meter" on it, it is really just
a normal HF SWR bridge.  It is in a black box about 5 inches 
long, 3 inches high, and 2 inches deep, with an SO-239 
connector out each side. The actual meter movement is an
edgewise meter movement.  The front panel indicates 
"Impedance 50 ohms, Power 500 watts".  It is interesting 
to note that the front panel is marked "Waseca, Minn. 
U.S.A" with no zip code given, so that should give some 
indication of its vintage. This unit is in very nice condition.  $30

Heath HM-102 wattmeter
Covers 1.8 to 30 MHz, with 200 W and 2000 W full
scale.  It can also be used to check SWR, and has a
remote sensor that can either be left inside the meter,
or separated from the actual meter by about 3 feet.
SO-239 connectors in and out. This particular meter
is in very nice shape. It looks very close to new, with
no scratches.   Paper work included for $40.

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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