Query re: Molex connectors

Lewis c Emerson lemerson at JUNO.COM
Sun Oct 22 15:35:14 EDT 2006

Fellows & gals,

This may not be the best list to post this, but it's the only one I know
about so....

My old Icom IC-21A and the companion PLL freq. unit, DV-21, developed a
short in the Molex line cord connector which necessitated unsoldering the
wires.  I need to remove the metal connector pins from the plastic holder
before resoldering as I'm afraid of melting the plastic if I try to
resolder while they are in the holder.

How do I get these pins out of the holder?  Apparently there are two
small metal "ears" that bend over as the pins are inserted into the
holder that "snap up" when they pass beyond a raised ridge within the
plastic thus locking the pins in place.  (sorta the same principle as the
barb on fish hooks)  Does anyone know of a way to remove these two pins
without trying to locate and then buy some extracting tool?  Besides,
this thing is probably 25+ years old and the Molex stuff today may be
quite different.


Doc - W4ITJ

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