Query re: Molex connectors

J. Forster jfor at QUIK.COM
Sun Oct 22 15:48:49 EDT 2006

Go to a hobby shop or hardware store that sells small diameter, thin
walled brass tube in 1 ft lengths. Most do. Get a piece that just admits
the pin. Slip it home and either push on the pin with a nesting, smaller
diameter tube or give the lead a yank.

BTW, Radio Shack used to sell the extract tools. It might be worth asking.

> Fellows & gals,
> This may not be the best list to post this, but it's the only one I know
> about so....
> My old Icom IC-21A and the companion PLL freq. unit, DV-21, developed a
> short in the Molex line cord connector which necessitated unsoldering
> the wires.  I need to remove the metal connector pins from the plastic
> holder before resoldering as I'm afraid of melting the plastic if I try
> to resolder while they are in the holder.
> How do I get these pins out of the holder?  Apparently there are two
> small metal "ears" that bend over as the pins are inserted into the
> holder that "snap up" when they pass beyond a raised ridge within the
> plastic thus locking the pins in place.  (sorta the same principle as
> the barb on fish hooks)  Does anyone know of a way to remove these two
> pins without trying to locate and then buy some extracting tool?
> Besides, this thing is probably 25+ years old and the Molex stuff today
> may be quite different.
> Tnx,
> Doc - W4ITJ

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