Molex - Success!

Lewis c Emerson lemerson at JUNO.COM
Mon Oct 23 17:22:54 EDT 2006

Your guys are the greatest and to think that I worried about posting to
the wrong list.  If there is a right one, this one is it.  Many thanks to
all who were kind enuf' to give me such detailed information.

The simplest suggestion which didn't necessitate going out to buy
something involved using a small jeweler's screwdriver and a few
toothpicks didn't quite work out as I kept breaking the toothpicks off. 
If I had a few pieces of thin metal shim stock it would have helped.  I
finally went to the local hobby shop, bought a 12" piece of 3/16"
thin-wall brass tubing, cut off a short piece, worked it into the far end
of the Molex over the "ears" of the frozen connector, then pushed in the
far end of a drill bit that matched the ID of the brass tube, tapped it a
few times with the hammer and bingo, both connectors popped free.  My
tubing cutter kinda "crimped" the thin brass wall where I made the cut,
but the business end of a larger drill bit cleaned out the burrs with no

I've got enough tubing left over to supply one to any who need this neat
extraction tool that several of you suggested.  Seriously, I'd be more
than happy to send out one (or more).

Many thanks to all y'all es 73,

Doc, W4ITJ
Oak Ridge, TN 

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