Best QSO in ages...

Perry Ballinger w8au at SSSNET.COM
Thu Sep 14 19:25:32 EDT 2006

At 06:29 PM 9/14/06, Brian Carling wrote:
>I just finished an unusual 10 wpm CW contact on 40m
>CW with a station in Huntsville, AL that really brightened
>up my day.
>It started to get more interesting when he sent:
>"AGE HR IS 15."   How encouraging!
>A YOUNG person getting on CW and loving it!

These surprises don't come often enough.  Last year while CW mobiling
up thru Tenn I worked a KD4 at 35 wpm conversational speed, and it 
was a 16 year old!  Wow.. that really made my day!  I congratulated 
him for his accomplishment, etc.

>It bodes well for the future of ham radio when you hear
>teenagers enjoying it, and especially when they are
>running CW instead of blabbing into some trashy UHF
>walkie-talkie rig.

AMEN.. 'nuf said!

Perry   w8au 

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