Vintage ham radio recordings and preservation

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Mon Sep 18 08:01:49 EDT 2006

W5AMI has a great idea here folks:
ars.w5ami at

It would be good if several of us could begin copying to MP3 
files and preserving old tape recordings of ham QSOs.

Can anyone help supply some recordings?

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There are bound to be some folks out there who have possession of
vintage on-the-air recordings from the 60', 70' and 80's, maybe even
earlier.  I know at one time Otis (K5SWK) had many, and some dating
back into the 50's.  If these exist, they should not be allowed to
deteriorate or be overwritten before first getting them on digital for
preservation, either on the web or CD/DVD.

I propose that if you know of any such recordings, we somehow get
these copied.  I would be willing to do some of them myself.  Any
other takers?

It would be nice to have such a nostalgic and historic resource for
QSOs forgotten placed on a website or available on CD.  Gary at might be willing to utilize space for such media, or I
would be willing to dedicate webspace for the project...gigs if

Let's get together on this and try to gather what we can for now and the future!

Anyone have contact with Otis lately?  John/BXO?  I know he used to
mention on the air that he had quite a library of tapes, however that
has been a long time ago.

I have also posted a message similar to this on

Brian / w5ami
E-mail: ars.w5ami at

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