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kd4e kd4e at VERIZON.NET
Tue Sep 26 15:43:34 EDT 2006

 > *Notice:  The owner, chief cook and bottle washer of the
 > BAMA web site is about to change QTH.  ... I hope that
 > this interruption will not last very long.
 > *73, Ken K4XL  k4xl at

Thank you Ken for the incredibly valuable resource!

I am about to add a really clean scan of the Knight
TR-106 6M manual and schematic.

Perhaps you might add a links page to sites that will
temporarily host manuals (in addition to edebris)?

I can host several Knight manuals, or if you like the
whole Knight set of manuals and perhaps a couple of other
manufacturers (e.g. Morrow & Elmac), if that would be
helpful for a few months.


Thanks! & 73,
doc, KD4E
... somewhere in FL
URL:  bibleseven (dot) com

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